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Everything You May Need to Achieve Your Dreams

Client Centered

You can purchase just about any financial instrument or product online, including stocks, annuities, securities, IRAs, money markets, mutual funds and more. However, purchasing all the financial products in the world won't add up to a well-rounded portfolio if they aren't diligently selected to meet very specific goals.

In a nutshell, our process is what makes Stockham Financial special:

  • Sitting down with you and, one-on-one, determine your financial goals
  • Assessing where you have been and what has worked well, and what hasn't
  • Mapping out a plan for getting you where you want to be
  • Recommending solutions that fit your objectives
  • Continually keeping an eye on your portfolio and the market
  • Guiding you with recommendations that maintain focus and alignment with your goal

100% Independent ~ 0% Nonsense

As your financial advisor, we can provide you with the same products you'll find elsewhere — if they fit your needs. As your independent financial advisor, you can be confident that our recommendations are unbiased.

Why should our status as an independent firm matter to you? We are under no obligation to sell proprietary products or services, so we can be openly selective in offering only those investment opportunities we believe are best suited to help meet or exceed your financial objectives and goals.

Independence matters. Take a closer look at the Stockham Financial portfolio of services for individuals plus business owners and their employees, as well as our portfolio of investment opportunities. Then please call us at (910) 295-6606 or email us to set up a review of your financial objectives.